from May 30, 2013 to June 4, 2013 (Asia/Jerusalem)
Rehovot - Eilat
Asia/Jerusalem timezone
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Modeling of changes in the Debye length for the collision processes at high energies

Presented by Dr. Sergey BONDARENKO on 4 Jun 2013 from 8:20 AM to 8:40 AM


We consdier a scattering of two spots of relativistic electrons at high energy. In first approximation, assuming that during the scattering an entropy is not produced, we solve Vlasov's equation for the each spot separately. At second approximation we solve Vlasov's equation for the one spot in the field of another that allows to trace a change in the Debye length value during the scattering. Obtained results are used for the discussion on possibility of creation of spots of liquid matter during the scattering.


Location: Rehovot - Eilat
Room: King Solomon, Main room

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