from May 30, 2013 to June 4, 2013 (Asia/Jerusalem)
Rehovot - Eilat
Asia/Jerusalem timezone
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Multi-particle production and asymptotic behavior of scattering amplitudes at high energy in scalar theory

Presented by Dr. Mikhail GORSHTEYN on 3 Jun 2013 from 8:50 AM to 9:10 AM


We study asymptotic behavior of 2$\to$2 scattering amplitudes at high energy and low momentum transfer. We consider massive scalar $\lambda\phi^3$-theory and a scalar theory with vector exchanges in the ladder approximation (multi-particle production in the intermediate state). We discuss in particular the kinematics of "real Compton scattering", elastic "virtual Compton scattering" (DIS), and asymmetric "virtual Compton scattering" (DVCS).


Location: Rehovot - Eilat
Room: King Solomon, Main room

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